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TacticalPad: Join the best team
This software is an excellent visual aid in teaching tactics to players."
Helio D'Anna,
Head Coach at Lincoln Memorial University, TN

I love the game animation tool and the options on game footage (including drawing on footage and flagging parts of it)."
Helio D'Anna,
Head Coach at Lincoln Memorial University, TN
Video editing and analysis application integrated with the eletronic clipboard

With TacticalPad's video editing application you can add another dimension to your electronic clipboard content. Developed side by side with sports's professionals, you will have at your disposal the main features of a video editing application.

These features are accessible in a simple and practical way, with a quick learning curve, allowing you to analyze and edit great quantities of videos in no time.

  Automatically imports DVDs and digital videos

Be your videos DVDs, digital cameras' videos or digital format they can be imported to TacticalPad. The conversion is automatic; you just need to choose the quality of the imported video.
  Video library

The videos imported to TacticalPad go to your video library, which can be reused in several projects. This helps you to save hard disk space and eases the videos organization.
  Annotations over video

Annotate directly over your videos, with the use of lines, arrows or free-hand strokes. It's possible to write with the video in any state (playing or paused), allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of a move.
  Control playback speed

TacticalPad's video player supports various playback speeds. Do you want to mark cue points in several videos? Use the fast forward and rapidly mark the cue points. Do you wish to see a move in details? Use the slow motion.
  Mark important cue points easily

TacticalPad allows you to mark cue points in an extremely agile way. While you're watching the video you just mark the initial and final moments, name the cue point and you're done. This process is so intuitive and practical that it allows you to mark your cue points so quickly that you will be able to make complexes analysis of a higher volume of videos.

Build your playlists with the most important cue points from different videos. This feature allows you, for example, to separate specific types of moves (like set-plays) from your opponents and study them in the minimum details. It's really great for use in team's preparation, group's discussion and presentations.
  Dual Monitor Mode

TacticalPad features a special dual monitor mode, where the UI is hidden in the projected screen. You operate TacticalPad on the computer, while your athletes or students will only see the field area or the video, preventing their distraction.
  Export videos and images

TacticalPad's video analysis tool also allows you to export images and videos from you edited videos. You can export a video frame with annotations as an image, or you can export a selection of cue points as a new video. It's very useful to use in your courses, presentations or didactic materials (blogs, books, articles).