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TacticalPad: Join the best team
TacticalPad has improved my work a lot. It enhances my communication with the players in pre-game presentations."
Kashima Antlers Head Coach, ex- Brazil assistant coach (2010 WC)

TacticalPad came to simplify pre-game presentations with a lot of quality."
Carlos Alberto,
Performance analyst Figueirense (Brazilian Series A team)
An amazing tool that will help your tactical preparations

In a field so competitive like sports, it's vital to be always one step ahead of your opponents. Elements like excellent physical and mental preparation or individual talents are worthless without a clear and precise objective.

TacticalPad it's the perfect application for you to communicate with your players and team's staff.

TacticalPad combines the features of an electronic clipboard, 3D visualization and video analysis, all in one software. It was designed for daily usage, since its user friendly interface allows you to use all these features without spending much time.

Expect a better performance from your players, be it in training sessions or in games, as you will be able to explain your tactics in a much clearer way. You can also use TacticalPad to prepare opponents reports and present them to your team, surprising your opponents instead of being surprised.

See Brazil sports' professionals opinions about TacticalPad usage in their tactical preparation:

A modern, practical and simple to use tool. It eases the athletes understanding, enhancing their soccer tactical reading."
Marquinhos Santos, Sub-15 Brazil National Team and Coritiba F.C. soccer coach (2011)

The application is top notch quality and provides an invaluable help for developing players' comprehension."
Maria Cristina Nunes Miguel, S. E. Palmeiras soccer psychologist (2010)

Its user friendly interface and innovative features give us coaches a Swiss knife for preparing our teams."
Toninho Cecílio, Professional brazilian soccer coach (2010)

This tool makes all the difference in high level futsal, allowing us to show plays in a much clearer way."
Paulo Mussalem, Professional brazilian futsal coach (2011)

  Illustrate your tactical formations and game plan

By using TacticalPad you can illustrate your tactics and game plan in a graphically rich way.

Giving your athletes the chance to pre-visualize potential game situations before they happen, they can mentally work these situations, resulting in faster and more precise decision making during the game. Also, it allows you to easily point your team's do and don't.

  Set-plays and dead balls

Set-plays and dead balls study is extremely important. Take for an example the Premier League, where in 2009 42% of the season goals were originated from dead balls.

With the help of TacticalPad features, you will be able to better prepare your players for these situations, be they offensive or defensive ones. Use TacticalPad's electronic clipboard to show your players the better positioning, along with reference set-plays in the video application.

  Pre-game presentations

TacticalPad's dual-monitor mode is a powerful tool to reinforce your game plan concepts moments before a match or during the interval.

You don't have to prepare your presentation previously, just use TacticalPad connected to a second monitor to create dynamic presentations anywhere.

TacticalPad is the software that I use in my pre-game presentations."
Toninho Cecílio, Professional brazilian soccer coach (2010)

  Enhance your communication with the athletes

During the game your athletes are exposed to several unforeseen situations, in which they make mistakes that they're not always unaware of.

With TacticalPad you can show them, be it by using the electronic clipboard or the video analysis, the differences between the real and expected behaviors. It eases the communication a lot, and your player will have the exact perception of what they need to do in a similar situation.