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TacticalPad: Join the best team
I use it daily in my training sessions and matches. It’s hard to express myself clearly without using TacticalPad."
Fabiano Rodrigues Ribeiro,
Assistant Coach at Al-Rayyan Sports Club (Futsal) - Qatar

TacticalPad helps a lot in the tactical analysis. It helps us to not be surprised during the game, but surprise instead, thanks to the observations made with the software."
Hélio Chicchinato Junior ,
S.E. Palmeiras youth divisions soccer coach
Create formation diagrams, animations and make annotations with the electronic clipboard

With the TacticalPad's electronic clipboard you can draw formation diagrams, create animated plays and make your annotations. Everything in a practical and simple way.

Use the electronic clipboard features to draw tactical formations from game situations, for training sessions or post match analysis.

TacticalPad's electronic clipboard graphical interface was developed side by side with professional coaches, being very easy to learn and use. You're going to learn how to use it quickly, taking only a few moments for you to create formation drawings.


TacticalPad's electronic clipboard also allows you to illustrate dynamic situations using animations. Create, simply and quickly, animated plays by positioning your players and drawing lines, arrows or free hand strokes. You only need to care about players positions, TacticalPad automatically calculate the path and velocity of players and items. You can also control animation playback speed, make annotations while it's playing and much more.

We know that your time is precious, and because of this we made the process of creating animations similar to the formation drawing, making the process of creating animations quick and easy.


You can use the writing tools to make annotations over your formations diagrams and animations. TacticalPad is a complete clipboard, so use it to show behaviors, field regions using the annotations tools.

TacticalPad graphical interface makes use of the Microsoft Tablet PC Ink technology, making TacticalPad usage even easier, allowing you to draw precise free hand strokes (The Tablet PC is sold separately).

Every clipboard has an annotation panel, where you can record you observations using either text or free-hand strokes.

  Training Items

TacticalPad allows you to plan your training sessions using several items like balls, cones, ladder among others.

You can show your TacticalPad's training sessions to your athletes, enhancing their learning and their efficiency in the trainings. You can also use TacticalPad to illustrate your courses, presentations or didactic materials (blogs, books, articles).

  Team Customization

Create and customize your own teams, from changing names and numbers to the team logo and uniform color. TacticalPad allows you to save your custom teams, you have to create them only once.

Besides being graphically beautiful, it's important to easily distinguish both teams, improving the understanding of your formations and animations.

  Formations and animations lists

With TacticalPad you can organize your formations and animations in projects, creating a clipboard database. You can share your project files with the team's members, staff or with students.

The formation and animation list has several options for copying formations and annotation between clipboards, allowing reuse and comparison of others tactical formations.

  Various sports

All of these features are available for various sports. TacticalPad currently supports:

  • Soccer;
  • Futsal or Indoor Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • Handball;

There are little difference between sports, but the graphical interface is the same, facilitating the work of multisport coaches.

  Export content to image and videos

You can export all the content created in TacticalPad to images or videos.

Use the exported content in your blog, books, articles, presentations, lectures or courses.

  Dual Monitor Mode

TacticalPad features a special dual monitor mode, where the UI is hidden in the projected screen. You operate TacticalPad on the computer, while your athletes or students will only see the field area or the video, preventing their distraction.