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TacticalPad: Join the best team
An intuitive, practical and rich software that offers a lot of useful features. Game teaching and comprehension are now eased."
Alexandre Silva,
Sub-21 Portugal National Soccer Team assistant coach

TacticalPad is now a part of my daily job as a futsal teacher and couch."
Francisco Baptista,
Qatar Futsal National Head Coach
Innovate: surprise instead of being surprised

One of the most important factors when preparing your team for a game is knowing the virtues and weaknesses of your opponents. Successful trainers, like José Mourinho, build their game plans and training sessions based on their opponents.

TacticalPad usage not only makes this job faster, but it also allows you to produce high quality opponent reports. Using TacticalPad's rich feature set you can study not only one match of your opponents plays in details, but several of them, thanks to TacticalPad's high productivity.

Studying your opponents this way will reduce their chances to surprise you, making your players better prepared to the matches.

TacticalPad helps a lot in the tactical analysis. It helps us to not be surprised during the game, but surprise instead, thanks to the observations made with the software."
Hélio Chicchinato Junior (Juninho), S.E. Palmeiras sub-20 soccer coach (2010)

TacticalPad usage provides us a competitive advantage, since we have a lot more info than our opponents, being able to use them even in the matches’ interval."
Marcos Biasotto, S. E. Palmeiras youth divisions soccer manager (2010)

  Observe and record opponents' tactics

Using TacticalPad you can create opponents reports, showing their formations, main plays and best players with the electronic clipboard. You free to create your report either from a match video or by watching on site.

Later, you can share your project files with your team's member, and everyone in your staff you be aware about the virtues and weaknesses of your opponent.

  Animated plays

Reproduce your opponents’ plays using TacticalPad's animated plays feature, focusing on the most importing parts. This feature allows you to make adjustments and play variations, anticipating situations that are likely to occur during the match.
  Opponents' video analysis

TacticalPad video analysis tool is perfect to perform analysis from your opponents' videos. Import one or more videos to your library, create a new project and mark the cue points. Once done, you can separate them and create playlists.

These playlists can be burned to a DVD, used in a presentation or even individual discussions with your athletes. Editing videos in TacticalPad is so simple and quick that you will have time to cover much more material than you normally would do by using other applications.

  Eases the explanation to the athletes

Using TacticalPad you will always have a visual material to show your athletes, easing your explanation about your tactics or opponents' behavior. Your players' decision making during the games will become faster and more precise, resulting in better performances.
TacticalPad permits the player to work their psychological soccer capabilities, like game awareness."
Maria Cristina Nunes Miguel, S. E. Palmeiras soccer psychologist (2010)