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TacticalPad: Join the best team
TacticalPad has improved my work a lot. It enhances my communication with the players in pre-game presentations."
Kashima Antlers Head Coach, ex- Brazil assistant coach (2010 WC)

The application is top notch quality and provides an invaluable help for developing players' comprehension."
Maria Cristina Nunes Miguel,
S. E. Palmeiras soccer psychologist
Use TacticalPad and create high quality images

Besides from sports teams' tactical preparation, TacticalPad can be also used to export high quality formation diagrams, 3D scenes, animated plays videos and annotated videos frames, which can be used by specialized media or educational institutions to illustrate courses, presentations or didactic materials (blogs, books, articles).
TacticalPad: tactics and education in few clicks."
André Rocha, blog Olho Tático - http://globoesporte.globo.com/platb/olhotatico/ (2010)

Soccer is simple. We complicate it. TacticalPad is brilliant because it's simple."
Mauro Beting, Brazilian sport's journalist (2010)

  Export images and videos from TacticalPad tools

TacticalPad allows you to export images and videos from all it's features. You can generate images from your tactical formations, 3D visualizations and annotated video frames. You can also generate videos from you video analysis' playlists.

You have several graphical options at your disposal, like players size, uniforms colors and type, digital ink capabilities that are going to allow you to create high quality graphical content.

TacticalPad exports the content to standard file formats, like jpeg, png and avi.