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TacticalPad: Join the best team
TacticalPad became a permanent member of my coaching staff. It helps me in the tactical analysis, training sessions, pre-game lectures and most important: players love it."
Alexandre Gama,
South Korea National Soccer Team Coach

TacticalPad came to simplify pre-game presentations with a lot of quality."
Carlos Alberto,
Performance analyst Figueirense (Brazilian Series A team)
Enrich your courses or training by using TacticalPad

TacticalPad features allow either daily usage by coaches during their training sessions or in theoretical courses. Illustrate them by using the electronic clipboard items, like balls, cones, poles among others.

TaticalPad's electronic clipboard features allows you to draw formations diagrams and animated plays to show tactical concepts and basic plays, while the video analysis tool allows you to show reference plays and annotate over the video to show the most important aspects of them.

The "Universidade do Futebol" (Soccer University) uses TacticalPad as the support tool for their lectures, courses and on its counseling to clubs, athletes and soccers' professionals."
Eduardo Conde Tega, Universidade do Futebol CEO (2010)

One of TacticalPad's best contributions is helping the coaches daily, storing data related to matches and training sessions."
Marcos Biasotto, S. E. Palmeiras youth soccer division manager (2010)

  Training items

TacticalPad's electronic clipboard can be used to plan your training sessions. This items can be visualized both in the electronic clipboard and in the 3D mode.

Use your training sessions directly in the TacticalPad or export them as images, or videos, for usage in courses, presentations or didactic materials (blogs, books, articles).

  Usage in lectures and courses

Several Brazilian colleges, like PUCC and Universidade Estadual de São Paulo (one of the most important Latin America Universities), use TacticalPad in their Physical Education undergraduate and graduate courses.

The "Universidade do Futebol" (Soccer University) uses TacticalPad to illustrate your lectures and courses.

TacticalPad is one of the most interesting tools in the soccer playing learning process."
Eduardo Conde Tega, Universidade do Futebol CEO (2010)