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TacticalPad: Join the best team
TacticalPad became a permanent member of my coaching staff. It helps me in the tactical analysis, training sessions, pre-game lectures and most important: players love it."
Alexandre Gama,
South Korea National Soccer Team Coach

I love the game animation tool and the options on game footage (including drawing on footage and flagging parts of it)."
Helio D'Anna,
Head Coach at Lincoln Memorial University, TN
Get a perfect spatial awareness using the 3D visualization mode

You can visualize the TacticalPad formations in 3D, giving you and your athletes a perfect spatial awareness of your formations. Visualize your own tactics or your opponent’s tactics in 3D mode and find details hard to find otherwise. You can use the 3D mode with a single button click, no extra configuration or work is needed.
  3D mode navigation

TacticalPad contains 9 pre-defined cameras, allowing you to view your formations from every angle.

You can adjust the default cameras as you please. Concentrate on defensive, offensive formations or any desired field region. You can control the height, position, zoom and rotation of the camera. TacticalPad automatically saves your camera configurations, easing later visualizations.

  Exhibition options

Set the objects size, players' name or number exhibition, orientation and show or hide a player's team.

These features gives you even more tools for explaining your tactics to the team, and to easily customize your formation.

  Training items

TacticalPad's 3D mode precisely reproduces the most common group sports' training items, allowing you to clearly illustrate your training sessions in any angle.

The spatial notion given by the 3D mode eases the athletes understanding, enhancing their productivity and efficiency during the training sessions.

  Team customization

The electronic clipboard team’s customizations are also visible in the 3D mode. High graphical quality uniforms, with several shirt options like clean, horizontal, vertical or diagonal strips.

Use these features to clearly distinguish player from the teams or to generate high quality images.

  Various sports

3D visualization mode is available for all TacticalPad supported sports, which are:

  • Soccer;
  • Futsal or Indoor Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • Handball;

There are little difference between sports, but the graphical interface is the same, facilitating the work of multisport coaches.

  Export content to images

Similar to the TacticalPad electronic clipboard, you can export images from the 3D visualization mode. Use the various options for team customization and camera navigation and create beautiful images from your formations or training situations from any point of view.

These images can be used to illustrate your courses, presentations or didactic materials (blogs, books, articles).

  Dual Monitor Mode

TacticalPad features a special dual monitor mode, where the UI is hidden in the projected screen. You operate TacticalPad on the computer, while your athletes or students will only see the field area or the video, preventing their distraction.