Quick Formation

This page contains a suggested sequence for the TacticalPad tutorial videos available on YouTube with the intention to serve as a learning path to get in touch with most of the app's features.


"TacticalPad Functions and User Guidance" by Coach David Baird

Quick Overview

This initial section focuses on what you will see when you've just opened TacticalPad, how boards are organized between Static and Animated, how to manage them (copy, delete, rename) and how the projects are saved.

Basic Usage

This section focuses on the common actions used to create a board, either Animated or Static: adding players, items, drawing modes, text items, adding bibs to players, creating custom items, drawing pitch lines, selecting the camera view, creating a custom pitch, adding badges to players, setting player's body orientation, etc.

Animated Boards

This section shows how to create an animated board by adding the players, items, setting or drawing the paths, drawing pitch lines, etc.

3D Mode

In this section, we will see how to visualize the created board (static or animated) in 3D. The 3D is a very powerful tool with many advanced features to simulate a realistic situation.


TacticalPad has 3 special effects for the boards, highlight, trail and connectors. They are a very important visual aid to increase the players attention.

Team Settings

In this section, you will learn how to manage your roster, set the team logo and appearance. After setting them up, you may save, load and set the favorite teams.


All content created on TacticalPad can be easily shared by exporting it as video, image and documents. TacticalPad has different templates for them.


Repositories allow TacticalPad to connect to cloud services (like Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox) to synchronize your projects besides allowing you to easily share them with other users.

Additional Features

There are other features on TacticalPad that are not covered here, but to finish this playlist of video tutorials, we will add a few that we consider important.